[REVEALING] Do you have a problem making decisions? Try to think differently!


Well known nightmare to everyone, who often resorts to tossing a coin when trying to make a decision: indecisiveness. This feature usually reveals itself in our constant need to overthink all the advantages and disadvantages before making any decisions – most of the time ending with us being unable to choose anything.

Are you one of them? Check out the signs of indecisive people:

  1. You have a problem picking out your outfit every morning. Even when you're halfway out the door, you're still rethinking your choices, but by then it's too late to change your clothes again. This often spoils your mood for hours to come.
  2. Waiters in the restaurants you frequent already know all about you and how long it takes you to choose your drink or meal.
  3. You have many ideas for your blog or Facebook page, but every time you want to start posting, something gets in your way – that something being your fear of what other people will think about your writing.
  4. When it comes to grocery shopping, you're one of those people, that stand in front of the open refrigerator for minutes at a time, trying to choose what yogurt you feel like eating today.
  5. Whenever someone asks you about your favorite movie, book or music, your mind goes blank and you feel like crying.
  6. You've been dreaming about working on your own for ages – starting your own business and breaking free from the good old 9 to 5. However, you just can't gather the courage to actually do it, because you fear the decision is wrong.

How can indecisiveness hurt us?

Whenever you're stuck between two choices and feel like you can't possibly pick one, you're just delaying the actual decision – and all the work, that comes with it. It all ends up with you doing nothing, forever stuck in the same place, losing your valuable time, money and opportunities.

In reality, not making any decisions is a decision itself – you choose not to do anything, but rather hope everything will work out by itself, without you having to think about it at all.

Indecisiveness is stealing your time and options, while having a negative effect on your well-being by causing you additional stress, that you really don't need.

A few things you have to know about decisions

Being indecisive is incredibly common, so you don't have to feel guilty about it at all! The psychology behind it has deep roots and a few motivational quotes just won't be enough to help you get over your fear of making a decision.

But do not despair – in reality, there are no »wrong« choices!

-        It doesn't really matter, if a decision is right or wrong. Even if you end up choosing the wrong one, that's no reason for bad mood or alarm. It simply gives you the chance to learn a new lesson and make some changes on your way forward.

-        Every choice we make shapes us into people we are supposed to be. Even so called »wrong choices« lead you forward, from point A to point B – even if B isn't what you've imagined in the beginning. Personal growth, that comes with any decision - wrong or right - is invaluable.

-        If you need to, write down every problem that's bothering you, make a pros and cons list and, most of all, believe in yourself and your capabilities. Listen to your intuition – it knows more than you think it does.

-        When it comes to indecisiveness, the ultimate advice is to listen to your body. Your subconscious contains more answers than it usually shows. Try out the following trick – whenever you're thinking about something you can't decide on, listen to yourself and pay attention to your body. If the thought makes your stomach twist, that's a good sign, if it makes your chest ache, the choice might not be right for you.

Wherever your life takes you, keep in mind that indecisiveness will get you nowhere, not now and not later on. On the other hand, every decision – good or bad – will push you forward and help you reach your goals!

What was the hardest decision you had to face lately? Tell us in the comments below.



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